Melbourne’s First Low FODMAP Picnic Arrives!

Posted on February 26, 2017

The first EVER low FODMAP Picnic arrives in Melbourne!   This Saturday 25th February, Melbourne Picnics hosted the first EVER low FODMAP picnic here in Melbourne, at the Fitzroy Gardens!   We had an absolute blast with heaps of delicious low FODMAP foods and orderves to dig into! All attendees scored themselves FREE FODMAP Friendly goody bags loaded with delicious certified []

Casa De Sante’s Low FODMAP Vegetable Stock Is Certified!

Posted on February 08, 2017

Introducing Casa de Sante’s certified vegetable stock powder!   Artisan handcrafted in the USA in small batches without any artificial additives, flavors, preservatives or coloring, this number is fantastic for several reasons. It is made from low FODMAP vegetables without any added garlic or onion, so you can trust that when you add it to broths, soups, vegetable bouillon, gravies, sauces, & other recipes, []

Go WILDE Round 2, The Raspberry Variety Is Certified!

Posted on February 07, 2017

We’re going wild for WILDE Raspberry Flavoured Gluten Free Pale Ale!   Having JUST received certification, let this delicious number slide into first rank as every FODMAPper’s fave! Enjoy responsibly and with confidence while the summer lasts, and don’t forget to munch on some Liddells lactose free cheeses while you sip on this tangy treat!     Just one of []

Xanthan Gum Is Low FODMAP!

Posted on January 30, 2017

It’s a pass for Xanthan Gum!     Xanthan gum is low FODMAP! At 5g, xanthan gum safely passes as low FODMAP! This is excellent news for us FODMAPpers, because now we can eat with confidence, knowing that foods we buy are safe when xanthan gum is found in them in small amounts. But what is xanthan gum? What is []

Casa De Sante Granolas All Now FODMAP Friendly Certified!

Posted on January 25, 2017

USA FODMAPpers alert! Casa de Sante’s full range of delicious granolas are now FODMAP Friendly Certified! You may remember the delicious Certified LemonAID drinks.. …or perhaps the tasty Certified Seasonings and Spice Mixes? Well, whether you enjoy a simple snack or a more flavoursome experience, Casa de Sante sure know how to party low FODMAP style, with these tasty newly FODMAP Friendly Certified []

How To Use Liddells Lactose Free Dairy Products This Summer!

Posted on January 23, 2017

How to use Liddells Lactose Free dairy products this summer! Recently the entire range of Liddells Lactose Free dairy products were FODMAP Friendly Certified. That’s excellent news for anyone following the low FODMAP diet who needs to choose lactose free dairy products, because you can now enjoy a tasty range of dairy products without worrying about hidden FODMAPs! But you []