Casa De Sante Have A Certified Salsa!

Posted on July 06, 2017

A FODMAP Friendly Certified Casa de Sante Salsa Has Arrived!

Thanks to the masterminds at Casa de Sante, now you can enjoy salsa on a low FODMAP diet, with confidence!

This delicious darling only contains the finest vegetables, and is prepared with an array of delicious spices, plus a final squeeze of lemon to create this chunky, mild, and delicious FODMAP Friendly certified, gluten & dairy-free vegan salsa.

The product contains absolutely no onion and no garlic. This premium chunky tomato salsa comes without any of the unfriendly FODMAPs you’d expect in many commercially-available salsas. Add that to the fact that it tastes absolutely delicious, so you won’t even notice it is in fact free of fructans notoriously present in onion & garlic!

Finding it hard to believe?

See for yourself!

Ingredients*: Tomatoes, Water, Tomato Paste, Tomato Juice, Green Chili Pepper, Jalapeno Peppers, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Cilantro, Lemon Juice, Spices.

Remember that the ingredients list here goes in order from largest to smallest by weight. This means that per serve of salsa, tomatoes are present in the food in the largest amount. Therefore, at 30g of certified product, you can eat with confidence minus the excess fructose!

Want to determine your excess fructose tolerance threshold? Let the FOD-Stacker and the FODMAP Friendly smartphone App help you out!

We love how our nifty ways help you to..

Eat with Confidence!

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