First Commerically-Available FODMAP Friendly Certified Prebiotic Fiber Supplement From MSPrebiotic Hits Canada & USA!

Posted on March 01, 2018

MSPrebiotic Becomes FIRST Canadian & USA FODMAP Friendly Certified Prebiotic Supplement!


Canadian and American FODMAPpers alert! You can now supplement your dietary fibre intake, with confidence!

Many high FODMAP foods are also high in prebiotics. Therefore, when one follows a low FODMAP diet and begins to limit their FODMAP intake, they will also be limiting their prebiotic intake.

MSPrebiotic is a clinically evaluated prebiotic supplement suitable for those following a low FODMAP diet, giving them the confidence to add essential prebiotic fibre back into their diet.

When you see the green FODMAP Friendly logo on MSPrebiotic, you know that you can consume this prebiotic without fear of triggering symptoms of digestive distress, AND reap the benefits of nourishing your beneficial gut bacteria.


Get to know the MSP team!

The MSP people are committed to helping those suffering with IBS, to eat with confidence again.

Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind MSPrebiotic, and what it means for you and your gut, now that MSPrebiotic prebiotic supplement has attained FODMAP Friendly certification.

How did your company begin?

MSPrebiotics Inc. was founded by farming business partners and brothers Derek and Earl McLaren after they recognized the prebiotic potential of the digestion resistant starch isolated from potatoes.  MSPrebiotic digestion resistant starch, a clinically evaluated prebiotic natural health product, has been on the market for approximately one year.

What is the inspiration behind your Certified product?

We strive to provide the world’s best prebiotic natural health supplement.

Why did you create your particular Certified product?

We wanted to provide people with an easy to use, single ingredient supplement that could effectively increase the amount of prebiotics to their diet.

What are your personal experiences with digestive health?

 Each member of the MSPrebiotics Inc team has been either directly affected by digestive health issues or has a close family member who struggles with these issues, meaning that our work hits very close to home.

Why did you want to Certify this product?

People who adopt low FODMAP or related (ie. Gluten-Free) diets inadvertently decrease the abundance of prebiotics in their diet, which is a nutrient already found in only small amounts in Western diets.  We believe that certifying MSPrebiotic as a FODMAP Friendly prebiotic will help those sensitive to FODMAPs improve their gut microbiome and the physiological aspects linked to gut health.

What separates your product from others available on the market?

Most other prebiotic supplements on the market are high FODMAP.  MSPrebiotic is a large, insoluble prebiotic molecule that is fermented slowly and has no effect on water balance in the intestines.  Stating that MSPrebiotic is FODMAP Friendly is a marketing-friendly way to articulate these functional benefits.

Are there more products to be added to your Certified range in future?

Currently, we only offer MSPrebiotic.

Where can people find out more about MSPrebiotic?
Visit our website at!

Look for the green logo on MSPrebiotic..

Eat with Confidence!

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