FODMAP Friendly Certified Protein Bars & Vegan Plant Protein Shakes From Stellar Labs!

Posted on October 08, 2017

Another Batch of FODMAP Friendly Certified Products Arrive From Stellar Labs!



Another 9 FODMAP Friendly certified products have arrived from Stellar Labs! Whether you’re into supplementary pre/post workout nutrition, or you’re looking to top up with some simple extras, the Stellar squad sure know how to help you do it all, with confidence!

Stellar Labs’s high protein low FODMAP bars are the perfect certified snack before, or after workouts, or anytime, really! Thanks Stellar Labs for these delicious flavours!


This awesome FODMAP Friendly certified Raw Vegan Plant Protein Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes are just what you need if you’re an active vegan FODMAPper! Look for the logo and consume confidently!

Perhaps you need a boost of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, or even looking to top up on your vitamin D and omega-3 intakes? Good thing you can now boost them all with confidence!

Look for the logo on FODMAP Friendly certified products at Stellar Labs’ website, and..

Eat with confidence!

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