Genius Gluten Free Release First FODMAP Friendly Certified Crumpets & Pitta Breads!

Posted on November 08, 2017

Every Single Meal Sorted with Genius’ New Certified Crumpets and Pitta Breads! Genius!

The geniuses are back, this time with the first FODMAP Friendly Certified products of their kind! We’re talking Crumpets and Pitta Breads!

Whether you’re looking for lofo brekkie inspo, or Middle Eastern cuisine, or even just a simple snack, these guys are the Certified staples to keep in the pantry!


Genius’ gluten, wheat and milk free Crumpets are a heart-warming bite for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Try with lashings of low FODMAP peanut, cashew or hazelnut spreads (safe serving sizes of nut spreads can be found in the FODMAP Friendly App).

Pitta Breads 

These pitta breads are light, soft and perfectly pocketable. Quick, convenient and delicately crisp when toasted, try dipping in a dollop of hummus, or use as a tasty sandwich alternative. Gluten, wheat and milk free.

Look for the green logo on Genius Gluten Free products..

Eat with Confidence!

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