Great Gut Low FODMAP Fiber Earns FODMAP Friendly Certification

Posted on March 07, 2018

Great Gut Low FODMAP Slow Fermenting Prebiotic Fiber Is FODMAP Friendly Certified

Are you looking to introduce more fiber into your diet, without triggering IBS and other digestive symptoms?

Introducing Great Gut; the low FODMAP fiber supplement alternative to rebalance your biome!

Great Gut® is an exclusive blend of three research-based low FODMAP fibers. It does what other fiber supplements can’t; it gives you the fiber you need, without fast-fermenting fibers, which promotes normal digestive health and supports regularity.

Recommended dosing

Great Gut® Low FODMAP Fiber dissolves easily, and has a mildly sweet taste. It’s also very well tolerated, when used as directed.

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We had a chat to Dr. Dennis about how Great Gut came about.

Dr. Dennis is a leading pioneer in formulating diverse prebiotic blends that help repair and re-balance the microbiome in the human digestive system.

He was an active software engineer and academic when a chance encounter with a gut health research project funded by the National Science Foundation propelled him head-first into the world of gut health and prebiotics.

While working on his doctoral dissertation in Software Engineering, he had the opportunity to provide a stool sample to Rob Knight’s American Gut project to assist with their research, and he was absolutely shocked at the results; his gut microbiota was completely out of balance.

Was this imbalance the source of his seemingly relentless series of health problems like anxiety, inflammation, and obesity? This drove Dr. Dennis to pause his software engineering research experiments and to become an expert at gut health, probiotics, and prebiotics. Since then, Dr. Dennis’ fiber formulas have helped thousands of people conquer their digestive problems and re-balance their biomes.

Supplement your dietary fiber intake with Great Gut Low FODMAP Fiber.

Eat with Confidence!

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