Invert Sugar Is Low FODMAP!

Posted on April 13, 2017

We recently tested invert sugar, and found that at a 10g serve size, it is safely..


This is great news for us Fodmappers, because it means it can be safely consumed on a low FODMAP diet.

What is invert sugar?

Often referred to as ‘invert syrup’, invert sugar is in fact a viscous mixture of fructose & glucose. It is produced when sucrose is split into these two molecules. Compared to sucrose in sugar, invert sugar is much sweeter, and its constituents – fructose & glucose – are able to retain moisture, causing the it to be less prone to crystallisation.

Why is invert sugar low FODMAP?

Invert sugar is low FODMAP because it contains an equal ratio of glucose to fructose, produced from the splitting of sucrose molecules (sugar crystals). As glucose and fructose are at equal concentrations within the tested 10g invert sugar serving size, the formulation is low FODMAP. Issues may only arise if fructose is in excess of glucose, as in the tested serving sizes of regular honey or clover honey, which are high FODMAP.

In which products can I find invert sugar listed as a main ingredient?

Invert sugar is used a lot in confectionery, including as jellies, ganache, jellies, taffy,  fudge, and in the recipes of ice creams and sorbet. Its ability to control crystallization, thereby creating a smoother mouth feel in these products, is the main purpose for its use.

Eat with confidence!

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