Teff Is Low FODMAP!

Posted on May 04, 2017

Teff is Low FODMAP!

Why is teff low FODMAP?

Teff is low FODMAP because it passes FODMAP testing standards at a serving size of 50g. It is therefore safe to consume on a low FODMAP diet! You can also find it in the App under the ‘Foods’ tab, making it much easier for you to eat and shop with confidence!

What is teff?

Teff is a species of lovegrass native to Eritrea and Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, it is usually ground into a flour and fermented to make a type of sourdough bread called ‘injera’. For anyone who has had the pleasure of eating at an Ethiopian restaurant, injera is used as an edible serving plate!

What is special about teff?

Known for its impeccable nutritional profile, it’s no surprise this little powerhouse is high in iron, dietary fibre, calcium and protein. Being a smaller seed than quinoa and millet makes it a convenient grain to cook with, especially on those nights when dinner is a chore!


Eat with confidence!

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