Use Our App To Create Your Own FOD-Stacker!

Posted on January 17, 2017

Use the FODMAP Friendly App to Calculate FODMAP Portions & Combinations Using the FOD-Stacker!

Have you ever wondered about the percentage labeling on the FODMAP Friendly App? It is designed to help you identify two things:

1) Suitable portion sizes

2) How to combine low FODMAP foods

Suitable Portion Sizes

We know that portion size is important, as too many FODMAPs can push us over threshold levels and trigger IBS symptoms. In the app, it is important to understand that 100% is the threshold level where the portion size becomes high FODMAP.

For example:

A 75g serve of corn on the cob contains 130% mannitol and is high FODMAP. But when you reduce this serve size by half, to just under 40g, the load of mannitol drops to 65% and is low FODMAP.



Similarly, a 30g serve of dried figs (1½ figs) is rated at 50% of the threshold for fructans and is low FODMAP. However, if you were then to eat 60g, or 3 figs in one serve, the fructan load would double to 100% and become high FODMAP. These examples indicate that portion sizes are key when it comes to gaining good symptom control.



Creating Your FOD-Stacker to Combine Foods

People rarely eat foods in isolation and it is normal to consume a variety of foods in one meal. When meals commonly contain more than one food or food group, you may need to be aware of FODMAPs compounding to a high FODMAP load, especially if you are not gaining good symptom relief.

Don’t panic though, it is easy to create a balanced meal with multiple low FODMAP foods by following this simple flow chart below.

Example of a Low FODMAP Meal

This recipe remains low FODMAP as the totals for all FODMAP groups remain under 100%. 

Example of a meal compounding to become High FODMAP overall

This recipe becomes high FODMAP for mannitol at 101% and GOS at 120%. To make a serve of this Lentil Salad low FODMAP, you have tow choices:

1. Reduce the amount of lentils and portobello mushrooms/celery until the total amount of mannitol and GOS are less than 100%.

2. Divide the recipe into more serves until you are below 100% for all FODMAP groups. In this case, 6 serves would bring mannitol down to 68% and become low FODMAP.

Final thoughts

In the long term the goal of the low FODMAP diet is about balancing dietary variety with good symptom control. If your symptoms are under control you don’t need to worry about food combining. Similarly if you are not sensitive to a particular FODMAP group e.g. lactose you don’t need to worry about foods containing that FODMAP.

At FODMAP Friendly our goal is to provide you with simple yet effective tools to manage your low FODMAP diet and support you to eat with confidence. The FODMAP Friendly smart phone App is just one way we help you do this.

Download the App for iPhone and Android here:

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