The September APPdate Is Here!

Posted on September 08, 2017

Update your App, FODMAPpers!

The September FodmAPPdate is here!

We’ve been extremely busy at FODMAP Friendly this past month!

We’ve just updated our App with more than 20 new FODMAP Friendly certified products, added a bunch of new vegan tested foods, AND included more than 20 new dietary specialists!

 See all our new additions! APPdate the App ASAP!



Let FODMAPPED for you! fill you up with this deliciously light and satisfying Minestrone Soup. Perfect all year round’!

These Coffee & Cacao Clusters make the perfect breakfast, with freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, natural cacao and chia seeds!

You don’t have to miss out on fresh bread anymore! The first freshly baked low FODMAP loaf from Bakers Delight is now available at all Bakers Delight bakeries.

Genius Gluten Free Australia‘s Triple Seeded Sandwich Loaf & Soft Rolls, Soft Brown Sandwich Loaf and Soft White Sandwich Loaf are all FODMAP Friendly certified! Genius!

These delicious Purebred White & Wholegrain Sandwich Rolls and White & Multiseed Loaves are delicious and FODMAP Friendly certified! They’re gluten free, too!

Eminta is a delicious new certified tea by The FODMAP Friendly Tea Co., containing soothing peppermint, spearmint & catnip! Perfect if you’ve been bitten by a FODMAP!

Casa de Sante’s low FODMAP Chili Seasoning Mix is the perfect accompaniment to any meal when garlic and/or onion are out of the question!

Another troop to add to the certified group! Try these delicious Deli Wafers, Potato Pastries, Puff Pastries and Pizza Bases if you’re thinking of entertaining, snacking, or any time, really!

The first FODMAP Friendly certified nut milks have arrived! The Nutty Milk Company is proud to introduce Biodynamic Almond Milk, Additive Free Almond Milk, Organic Cashew Milk, and Organic Macadamia Milk! Drink with confidence!

Blackmores’ certified Probiotics+ Bowel Support is specifically formulated to be FODMAP Friendly. It contains 5 clinically-trialled probiotic strains providing 27 billion good bacteria!

We know you’ve been itching to get your hands on some safe protein powders! Stellar Labs‘ Chocolate & Vanilla Whey Protein powders are suitable for all phases of the low FODMAP diet.

These multivitamins and probiotics have also been tested and certified by us. Yep, all three are FODMAP Friendly.

Nexira’s Fibregum™ is the first French certified product range to arrive on the market! It provides all-natural dietary fibre based on 100% acacia gum. With 90% fibre content guaranteed on dry weight, Fibregum™ is the choice ingredient for fibre fortification of manufacturers’ finished products.


Check out these new vegan-themed tested foods! We can confirm that at the serving sizes tested, they’re all safely low FODMAP!

See them with their FODMAP percentage contents in the FODMAP Friendly App and eat with confidence!

Firm tofu

Click here to find a delicious, easy and low FODMAP recipe using firm tofu!

Vegan cheese

Soy protein milk

Cassava flour


Looking for a FODMAP expert?

Look no further than the ‘Dietary Specialists’ tab in the FODMAP Friendly App to find a FODMAP expert near you!

We’ve got dietary specialists in our App from all over the world! Check it out!

No App? No worries! Get it at either the App or Google Play Stores!

Look for the FODMAP Friendly logo..

Eat with confidence!

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