Tideford Organics Brings FODMAP Friendly Certified Soup To The UK!

Posted on September 28, 2017

Tideford Organic’s FODMAP Friendly certified soup hits the shelves of the UK!

Welcome aboard the #fodsquad, Tideford Organics!

The team at Tideford sure know how to change the tide!

Forward-thinking soup creators Tideford Organics have just launched their organic FODMAP Friendly certified soup, now available online at Ocado.com and various independent stockists, across the UK! This is awesome news for British FODMAPpers!

Tideford’s Tomato and Basil Soup with Red Peppers and Miso is just like the rest of their range; organic, vegan and gluten-free, with no added sugar, but this time there’s the added bonus of it being FODMAP Friendly certified! Packed with vitamin C, this recipe is a delicious combination of Italian tomatoes and red peppers with a dash of indulgent coconut cream. Deliciously fodmappalicious, we’ll say!

Creating nourishing food with organic ingredients has always been the Tideford way, making delicious homemade-style soups and sauces in their Devon kitchen since 1996. In September 2016, Tideford Organics’ love affair with vegetables took on a new level with a relaunch as the first dedicated organic vegan brand in the UK. To find out more, take the pledge to eat more veg at www.tidefordorganics.com.

Get to know the Tideford team!

We had a Q&A with Tideford Organics to learn all about the team’s commitment to helping those following a low FODMAP diet eat confidently

How did your company begin?
Tideford was founded in Devon, UK in 1996, making a range of homemade-style soups and sauces. Now twenty years later, Tideford Organics’ love affair with vegetables has taken on a new level, with an exciting re-launch in September 2016 as the first dedicated organic vegan brand on the UK market. With a tasty new range of soups, sauces, pestos and miso pastes, we have an unrivalled set of products bursting with nutrients and flavour. The range is vegan, organic, gluten free, low fat and with no added sugar.

What is the inspiration behind your range?
Our mission is to make delicious food that’s good for you – and the planet. A little change can make a big difference and by encouraging consumers to eat a little less meat and more veg, they can not only help the environment but also improve their health.

Why did you create your particular certified products?
Tideford are always looking to create products that help people with all kinds of dietary requirements eat delicious, healthy food. Our entire range is organic, vegan and gluten-free, but we are also very proud of our nut-free pestos, with our Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto winning a silver in the 2017 Allergy + Free-From Awards. We became aware of the need for low-FODMAP food that’s also convenient, and knew we could develop a tasty soup that met the criteria – and our Tomato + Basil Soup with Red Peppers + Miso was born.

Why did you want to certify your products?
As with the rest of Tideford’s range, we know how important it is to have confidence in the products you buy, especially when following a specific diet or looking for certain credentials. We are already accredited with the Vegan and Vegetarian Society, as well as the Soil Association, and in the same way wanted to let all of our new customers know that our soup is FODMAP-friendly.

What separates your products from others available on the market?

We only use the best, organic ingredients, and the soup is a delicious mix of juicy Italian tomatoes, red peppers, with an indulgent dash of coconut cream, which will make following the low-FODMAP diet a pleasure!

Are there more products to be added to your range in future?
We’re hoping that the success of our new Tomato + Basil soup will let us develop more products in the future – watch this space…

Where can people find out more about Tideford Organics?
More info on our ethos, range and stockists at www.tidefordorganics.com. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook + Twitter.


Look for the logo on Tideford Organics‘ delicious new FODMAP Friendly certified soup!

Eat with confidence!

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