Vegan Cheese Is Low FODMAP!

Posted on October 05, 2017

Did you know that vegan cheese is low FODMAP?

We recently put the popular dairy-substitute to the FODMAP test!

What is vegan cheese?

Vegan cheese is an entirely plant-based cheese substitute which involves combining the protein contents of various plant sources, with lactic bacteria that may also be added in to give the cheese acidity. Emulsifiers, oils, and thickeners are often added to vegan cheese recipes to achieve firmer textures. Depending on the recipe the cheese substitute can be made from soy protein, vegetable oil, including safflower, palm or coconut oils, thickening agents, nutritional yeast, tapioca flour, nuts, natural enzymes, vegetable glycerin,  bacterial cultures, pea protein and arrowroot.

Why we tested vegan cheese

We know there are many people who follow a low FODMAP diet while also following a vegetarian or vegan diet. Having a cheese substitute that is free from dairy & other animal products which is also low FODMAP, makes it the perfect food to eat at a serving size of 30g. At this serving size, vegan cheese is low in all FODMAPs, so it is suitable for those following a low FODMAP diet.

Vegan cheese is the perfect addition to a sandwich made on FODMAP Friendly certified breads, like Alpine Breads, the Bakers Delight Lo-Fo Loaf, Genius Gluten Free, and PureBred Gluten Free!

Why not try it as a snack with Simply Wize Deli Wafers for a fodmappalicious treat?

Enjoy vegan cheese..

With confidence!

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