We’re Going Loco, Cocofrio Are Lofo!

Posted on October 25, 2017

 Cocofrio Dairy & Gluten Free Ice Cream Range is the first Australian FODMAP Friendly Dairy Free Ice Cream Manufacturer to Arrive on the Market!

Slurp with confidence, FODMAPpers!

It’s official! The first FODMAP Friendly certified ice cream range to land on the market is here!

Cocofrio are lofo and we’re going loco for these 11 amazing flavours. Summer never tasted so good until now! Read on to find out all about why we’re going loco for these amazing new ice cream products, and meet the team behind Cocofrio!

Cocofrio is Australia’s all-natural, dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream. Made in Melbourne, with coconut milk and other organic ingredients. Cocofrio marks a new beginning in healthy living. Worry no more about dairy. Even if you are not vegan or lactose-intolerant, you still have many tasty and healthy reasons to choose Cocofrio ice cream. Coconut milk based and sweetened with organic brown rice malt syrup, Cocofrio is an Epicurean delight and a healthy choice.

Tasted and tested by food experts and health enthusiasts. Cococfrio is the ice cream for everyone. Cocofrio coconut milk ice cream is not just an alternative. It is as good as or even better than regular dairy ice cream. Just one scoop and you will soon start a lifelong tradition. Take a look at the whole range here at FODMAP Friendly, or at the Cocofrio website!

Enjoy oodles of mouth-watering flavours! 

We’re talking all of the below..

1) Caramel Honey Macadamia

2) Choc Raspberry Ripple

3) Vanilla Sticky Date & Pecan

4) Iced Coffee

5) Hazelnut Choc Delight

6) Salted Caramel

7) Choc Coconut

8) Mango

9) Naked Coconut

10) Blueberry Pop – NEW!

11) Strawberry Choc Chip – NEW!

Also make sure you check out these new delicious flavours!

Q & A with Tintin & Paul!

Cocofrio founders Tintin & Paul

How did your company begin?

Cocofrio was founded by Tintin Sealey when she first discovered the benefits of coconuts through her passion for healthy living and healthy eating. Surrounded by family and friends with dairy and gluten sensitivities, she searched the supermarkets unsuccessfully for healthy alternative frozen desserts that were pure, tasty, natural and certified organic. This led Tintin to develop a dessert that could deliver all the benefits and none of the disadvantages of so many other products.

Tintin and her husband Paul, head a team of innovative organic food technologists, manufacturers and natural health food distributors. They source, blend and manufacture the purest ingredients for Cocofrio’s ice cream from fully certified organic suppliers and growers around the world and in Australia. Cocofrio products are Australian, made in Melbourne.

What is the inspiration behind your range?

We wanted to not only provide those with allergens a choice or healthy consumers an alternative, we also wanted to provide all lovers of ice cream with a range of delicious and unique flavours. We merged some traditional flavours with different concepts and inclusions to develop a range of appealing and tasty ice creams. In addition, we wanted our product to be available in more than just retail stores and developed a 155ml grab and go range for the food service sector and also bulk sizes (5 litre and 3 litre) for cafes and restaurants looking to incorporate Cocofrio as a healthy ingredient in their smoothies and desserts.

Why did you create your particular certified products?

We wanted to develop a product that could be consumed by all people regardless of the allergies and sensitivities. Advertising natural and healthy concepts is one thing but ensuring the formulation, ingredients and nutritional benefits can be certified is another. We viewed it to be extremely important to produce a product that consumers can trust and rely on due to the certifications we hold.

What are your own personal experiences with digestive health?

Initially we were surrounded by family and friends with dairy and gluten sensitivities that have since been advised to follow the low FODMAP program and have seen the benefits. Tintin herself also suffered from sensitivities to various foods and ingredients and discovered the low FODMAP diet through her journey of healthy eating and realized that certain foods you could not simply be digested, hence the need to adjust her dietary intake.

Why did you want to certify your products?

We want our products to be assessed, reviewed and audited in the correct manner to help build customer loyalty and trust in our brand. We do not want to be a brand that uses generic healthy words and slogans to sell product. We want to be a brand that is proven and genuine and has the certifications and facts to prove its claims. Our philosophy from day 1 has been “to deliver simply the best quality product whilst caring for your wellbeing” (quote: Tintin).

What separates your products from others available on the market?

What differentiates Cocofrio from other ice creams in the market is the 100% natural ingredients used. There are no artificial flavours or sweeteners contained in Cocofrio. Other brands providing dairy and gluten free alternatives continue to include ingredients that are not aligned to the healthy way of living that many consumers are now demanding. Cocofrio is also the first and only Certified FODMAP Friendly ice cream in the market which further differentiates us from other products in the market that use sweeteners that are high in fructose.

Are there more products to be added to your range in future?

As we want Cocofrio ice cream product to be available to everyone in the future we will continue to develop more concepts using our ice cream that allows it to be sold in many different types of places. We also value the health benefits of the ingredients we use and will always keep an open mind about developing other food products that share the same values, claims and certifications as our ice cream.

Where can people find out more about Cocofrio?
Visit our website: www.cocofrio.com.au

Facebook: /cocofriococonutmilkicecream

Instagram: @hellococofrio

Twitter: @cocofrioaus

Email: info@cocofrio.com.au


Look for the green logo on Cocofrio..

Eat with Confidence!

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