World’s First FODMAP Friendly Certified Sauerkraut And Traditional Pickled Cucumbers Arrive From Lewis & Son!

Posted on November 09, 2017

Introducing the world’s first FODMAP Friendly Certified Sauerkraut & Pickles Handcrafted by the legends at..

Certified sauerkraut? Certainly!

Unpasteurized, packed with nutrients and rich in fibre Lewis & Son offers all the prebiotic benefits of artisan, small batch sauerkraut direct to your door or from your local whole foods and independent grocers. A Product of Australia and gluten free, you can eat Lewis & Son FODMAP Friendly Certified Sauerkraut with confidence, knowing your great grandmother would be proud to serve this delicious, nutritious, wholesome sauerkraut to her entire family for a snack and at every meal.

Give your taste buds a tickle with FODMAP Friendly Certified pickles!

Traditional Cucumbers pickled the old-fashioned way! These crispy, Full-Sours are made from non-GMO cucumbers and grown with no chemical fertilisers or pesticides in the Barossa Valley (with its fabulous terroir).  They undergo a lactic acid fermentation process for a minimum of six weeks and are awash with billions of beneficial bacteria conducive to good gut health.  They are unpasteurised to maintain their benefits and have no added vinegar.  These are a real pickle!

*Product FODMAP Friendly Certified at 50g pickled cucumbers.

Lewis & Son loves your guts!

Look for the green logo..

Eat with Confidence!

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