The FODMAP Friendly Bot

Who is the FODMAP Friendly Bot?

‘The FODMAP Friendly Robot’, or ‘The FODMAP Friendly Bot’ is a specialised tool providing Facebook users with an easy way to learn the FODMAP contents of many FODMAP Friendly tested foods.

You can use The FOD Bot in combination with the FODMAP Friendly App and The FOD Stacker blog to help you determine the quantities of FODMAPs in recipes, and as a tool to help you when grocery shopping.

If you’re following a low FODMAP diet, The FOD Bot is a fantastic resource to help you find out what you can and cannot eat during the various phases of the diet.

Since the elimination and reintroduction phases of the low FODMAP diet are very different, you may wish to use the Bot with your Dietary Specialist App dietitians to get the best guidance and support during each phase.

How to access & use The FODMAP Friendly Bot

To get The FOD Bot up and running, simply ‘Like’ The FODMAP Friendly Robot on Facebook, and start messaging the Bot.

To use the Bot, open Facebook Messenger and type in the name of any food you choose.

The FOD Bot will instantly tell you if the FODMAP contents of your chosen food are HIGH or LOW, with a simple tick or a cross .