Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified Black Market Spice Merchants Range

Posted on December 02, 2021

FODMAP Friendly are so excited to announce the certification of Black Market Spice Merchants!!!!

The inspiration behind the Black Market Spice Merchants brand

The inspiration behind the Black Market Spice Merchants brand is that regardless of whether it is a quick weeknight dinner, a summer BBQ or a low and slow cook up, they wanted to make it easier for anyone and everyone, regardless of their cooking skills or dietary requirements. Black Market Spice Merchants think that everyone deserves food that tastes as good as their spice rubs make it!

How did Black Market Spice Merchants Begin?

This whole concept originated by Simon (a chef) and his wife to-be, Paige (definitely not a chef), dieting for their wedding. After weeks of eating the same bland food, they realised the simplest way to add variety was with spice rubs. Being a chef of fifteen years with many recipes for seasonings they began experimenting. After a while they found that even Paige who wasn’t much of a chef could very easily create an amazing dinner using the spice rubs.

The kitchen Simon manages specialises in all thing’s gluten-free, low FODMAP and kosher, and one of the common problems they would see at work was how hard it was for people following a low FODMAP diet to not only find suitable products, but also have a variety. The Black Market’s spice rubs that they had been making at home for the longest time were all seemingly suitable for low FODMAP.

So, with these two different parts of their lives combined, they realised they might have stumbled onto a solution. The spice rubs and seasonings which had so easily helped them every night of the week could bring ease and flavour to everyone. And with that begun Black Market Spice Merchants.

Introducing the FODMAP Friendly certified newly certified Black Market Spice Merchants’ Range!

Majestic Spice Rub

A perfect harmony of spicy, sweet Moroccan goodness. This gorgeous seasoning will turn any piece of meat into something majestic. Ideal for low and slow cooking. With earthy flavours of cumin blending perfectly with fennel and a hint of cinnamon

Alabama Smokehouse

Black Market’s Alabama rub will delight and tingle your buds with its zing of citrus and the mellow smoke from applewood. This spice rub is perfect for bringing that tangy Alabama BBQ flavour home

Ragin’ Cajun

A fiery Louisiana spice rub that will give your nom noms a kick. Sprinkle on anything and everything, doesn’t matter if it’s fried, grilled or roasted. A perfect blend of paprika with a flurry of herbs, with just a touch of sweet and a whole lot of heat, this spice rub will knock your socks off


A unique blend of bold Lebanese flavours. With notes of sumac, star anise and just a hint of ginger and clove. This shawarma seasoning will put any late-night kebab to shame

Memphis Dry Rub

Black Market Spice Merchants Memphis dry rub is all you need for that perfect southern BBQ flavour. With smokiness from paprika and hickory and just a touch of sweetness and spice from cayenne. BBQ, smoker, grill or roast anyway you use this dry rub it will take you straight to Memphis

Magic Mex

A zingy spicy Mexican blend, perfect for your next fiesta! Tacos, burritos, fajitas or guacamole. This all-round Mexican blend is pure magic

Streets Of Sichuan

Sichuan peppercorns are a different kind of spice, more numbing than hot. Beyond the tingling sensation that Sichuan gives you will be hit with the flavours of star anise, 5-spice and cinnamon all perfectly balanced in this numbing rub

Caribbean Jerk

Bring a touch of the Caribbean to your table with this spicy little jerk. This intense Jamaican rub comes to life on the grill. With its strong flavours of allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg and a deep heat that will leave you wanting for more

New York Deli

Black Market’s take on that iconic New York deli rub. This spice rub is perfect for those homemade pastramis, briskets or steaks. A perfect mix of peppery goodness, with a hit of mustard. This blend of salty sweet all brought together with a pop of coriander seeds

Just a few reasons to check out Black Market Spice Merchants…

Almost all spice rubs and seasonings available today are packed full of garlic, onion, additives and nasties. Not only are our seasonings 100% natural, they are also made by hand in small batches ensuring that each and every one of Black Market Spice Merchants’ products are of the highest quality.

Are there other products to be added to the Black Market Spice Merchants range in future?

Black Market Spice Merchants have many new exciting spice rubs and seasonings on the horizon.

Where can I find out more about Black Market Spice Merchants products?

Online Instagram and Facebook

Where is the FODMAP Friendly Black Market Spice Merchants product stocked?

You can buy Black Market Spice Merchants’ products direct from their website
Or in-store where the spicy magic happens at Kleins Gourmet Foods, 47 Glen Eira Rd Ripponlea, Victoria, Australia.
Black Market Spice Merchants spice rubs will be venturing out into more stores around Australia soon!

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