Introducing the new FODMAP Friendly For Guts Sake Snack Box!

Posted on November 04, 2021

FODMAP Friendly are so excited to announce the accredited FODMAP Friendly Snack Box by For Gut’s Sake!!

The inspiration behind the For Guts Sake brand

The creation of For Guts Sake was inspired by many years of struggling to find delicious FODMAP Friendly snacks that were also gluten free. Trying to find snacks that met these dietary requirements locally often resulted in frustrations and disappointment for many FODMAPers that For Guts Sake connected with, and they wanted to solve this problem.

When paired with their love of giving gifts it made sense to create a FODMAP Friendly snack box which would be delivered straight to their customers door. Every product in the For Guts Sake boxes are carefully selected with enjoyment in mind, it is packed with love so that every month when For Guts Sake customers receive their subscription box in the mail they will be filled with childlike joy.

How did For Guts Sake Begin?

For Guts Sake are still in the ‘beginning’ stages of their company development, working with the current Covid restrictions means they are operating out of their home on Awabakal Country, in the beautiful Newcastle area of New South Wales Australia.

Introducing the FODMAP Friendly Accredited For Guts Sake Snack Box!

Education has been a big inspiration behind the creation of the For Guts Sake FODMAP Friendly box.

For Guts Sake understand the importance of FODMAPers having access to accredited FODMAP Friendly snacks that they can enjoy with confidence, without having to compromise on flavour or quality.


You should check out For Guts Sake because…

For Guts Sake are different to other boxes on the market because they are not a health food box nor do aim to be, they are a snack food box for people who require low FODMAP foods but who love to indulge themselves in scrumptious snacks and decadent flavours, they are here for joyful moments and blissful snacking.

What else is in the For Guts Sake range?

For Guts Sake will always be on the look out for new certified FODMAP Friendly products that become available on the market. Before a product is selected for the For Guts Sake box it is taste tested to ensure it meets the high ‘deliciousness’ standards they know their customers have!

How do I get a For Guts Sake box?

You can purchase one of the For Guts Sake FODMAP Friendly Accredited snack boxes exclusively from the For Guts Sake website, just look for their Accredited FODMAP Friendly option at

Where can I find out more about For Guts Sake products?

For Guts Sake hang out on Instagram @forgutssakeaustralia, they are also on Facebook just search For Guts Sake Australia!

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