Low FODMAP Convenience In A Tasty Jar – Meet The Four New Bay’s Kitchen Stir-In Sauces

Posted on May 17, 2020

Say hello again to Bay’s Kitchen

Bay Burdett, the mastermind behind Bay’s Kitchen, launched her products to help fellow IBS sufferers have access to tasty and convenient low FODMAP foods. Her mission has always been to continue to expand this range of low FODMAP foods to offer people quality, delicious options that satisfy both their dietary needs and lifestyle.

In the UK, Bay’s Kitchen are known for a diverse range of stir-in sauces so that people with digestive troubles can still enjoy their favourite comfort meals – such as warm curries and bolognese.  All products are onion and garlic free, and completely formulated with low FODMAP ingredients. They are also gluten free certified as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Why are low FODMAP sauces so hard to find in the supermarkets?

If you take a look at the ingredients list of a classic stir-in sauce at the supermarket, you’ll find that foods such as onion, cream and milk are often at the top. These are high FODMAP ingredients that people with IBS and following a low FODMAP diet aim to avoid. Additionally, even if the ingredients are seemingly low FODMAP, together they may stack to create a high FODMAP product overall.

Since these factors render most store-bought sauces off-limits, the only safe option is to make sauces from scratch. We all know that this isn’t always possible, so Bay’s Kitchen, offer a tasty, convenient alternative! You can rest assured that these sauces have undergone a rigorous testing process to be certified as FODMAP Friendly.

The existing Bay’s Kitchen FODMAP Friendly certified products 

The company already have six stir-in sauce offerings on the market:

Jalfrezi Curry Stir-in Sauce: a rich, medium spicy Jalfrezi sauce for you to get your curry kick.

Sweet & Sour Stir in Sauce: perfect for your low FODMP Chinese night in, this sauce even won a silver award at the Free from Food Awards in 2019!

Thai Green Curry Stir-in Sauce: an aromatic sauce that is medium spiced, yet creamy with fresh coconut and lemongrass flavours.

Tikka Masala Stir-in Sauce: a flavoursome sauce that pairs perfectly with beef, chicken or tofu.

Tomato & Basil Stir-in Sauce: if you think you can’t eat spaghetti Bolognese on a low FODMAP diet, think again! This stir in sauce was made for spaghetti Bolognese, Mediterranean pasta dishes and as a base sauce for anything that requires a tomato base.Won gold at the Free From Food Awards 2019!

Mild Korma Stir-in sauce: a mild, creamy low FODMAP curry sauce that pairs well with chicken or tofu. This sauce won silver at the Free From Awards 2020!


Introducing the new kids on the block – four more certified stir-in sauces

Bay’s Kitchen have granted us a virtual ticket across the globe at dinner time – with four new stir-in sauces inspired by a range of cuisines:

Spicy Mexican Stir-in Sauce: Bay’s Kitchen has added another cuisine to the menu with a delicious spicy Mexican sauce, perfect for burrito bowls, nachos, tacos, enchiladas and fajitas.

Thai Massaman Stir-in Sauce – creamy, fragrant and mild spiced to make your favourite Thai inspired low FODMAP curries.

Katsu Curry Stir-in Sauce – this classic Japanese curry sauce is fragrant and packed with flavour. It’s often paired with chicken, but it also works perfectly with tofu and tempeh for vegans.

Spicy Arrabbiata Stir-in Sauce – This spicy Italian sauce is great for pasta and can be used on its own or with meat, tofu or vegetables.


How do I use these sauces?

You can use these sauces as a direct substitute for ones that you would find at the supermarket. Just remember that each jar contains two serves, and the product is low FODMAP certified for half a jar (130g).

Where can I purchase this product?

The new sauces will be stocked on the Bay’s Kitchen website, on Amazon and on FODMarket from May 5 2020.

Where can I find out more information on the product?

Check out the Bay’s Kitchen website, Instagram or Facebook.


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