Mingle go Moroccan – introducing the new FODMAP Friendly Mingle seasoning

Posted on July 28, 2020

Mingling with Mingle – what is the Mingles story?

Mingle was developed in 2016 after founder Jordyn knew there was more to offer to the current range of spices in the supermarket. She noticed that typical seasoning blends contained a plethora of added sugar, salt, preservatives, vegetable oil and emulsifiers, and she decided to put making a healthier range of seasonings into her own hands. From this decision, Mingle was born.

From starting as a small online business, three years later Mingle is now stocked nationally in Australia Coles supermarkets. Victorians can also look for Mingle seasoning in a range of Woolworths stores.

Why are most conventional spices and seasonings high in FODMAPs?

If you take a look at the ingredients list of a classic spice mix at the supermarket, you’ll find that onion and garlic are often at the top. These are high FODMAP ingredients that people with IBS aim to avoid. Additionally, even if the ingredients are seemingly low FODMAP, together they may stack to create a high FODMAP product overall.

Since these factors render most store-bought spices and seasonings off limits, the only safe option would be to make seasoning mixes from scratch or use the same set range of spices on rotation. Mingle offer a tastier, convenient alternative! You can rest assured that these spice mixes have undergone a rigorous testing process to be certified as FODMAP Friendly.

Introducing the new FODMAP Friendly Mingles Moroccan Seasoning

Mingle is committed to be the go-to flavour product for all Australians, including those following a low FODMAP diet. They developed this flavour to give low FODMAPPERs an option to enjoy the deliciousness that Moroccan flavours bring to food without the added onion or garlic.

The Moroccan seasoning contains cumin, ginger, sweet Paprika, all spice, cinnamon, parsley, coriander powder, black Pepper, smoked paprika, cloves and pink Himalayan salt. See, no garlic or onion in sight! Herbs and spices can be a great way to add flavour to food rather than adding additional fats and oils. When paired with a delicious cut of meat or vegetables, you’ve got a great low FODMAP meal.

What are some recipes that you can use this seasoning with?

You can use Mingle seasoning in any savoury dish that calls for spices. Here are some recipe ideas from the FODMAP Friendly blog where the Mingle seasoning would go nicely:

Moroccan lemon chicken

Moroccan meatballs

Sweet chilli prawn stir fry

Sweet and sour pork

Barbequed lemon trout

Garlic prawns

Falafel burgers

Where can you purchase Moroccan Seasoning?

You can purchase Mingle seasoning online. Be sure to follow Mingle on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Written by: Charlotte Barber (Student Nutritionist)
Reviewed by: Sotiria Karatsas (Dietitian)

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