Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified Niulife Sauces

Posted on October 14, 2021

FODMAP Friendly are so excited to announce the certification on the Niulife Vegan Fysh Sauce and Niulife Organic Naked Coconut Amino Sauce!!

The inspiration behind Niulife

Niulife is about the double win of empowering remote coconut-producing communities, and consumers who have dietary needs and benefit from healthy products that taste great. This came about a desire to provide some of the poorest subsistence communities [who had access to coconuts] with opportunities to sell value-added products, instead of low-cost commodities, through Fair Trade systems. Niulife was created as a “for purpose” business, with 100% of profits donated to the Niulife Foundation running the VillageForLife™ program, which focuses on the non-commercial aspects of the coconut-producer communities, such as health & sanitation, environmental protection (eg: invasive species management), etc. Niulife finds its purpose in help equip communities living in remote villages to set up their own independent, sustainable & vibrant local economies.

How did Niulife Begin?

The company began over 30 years ago when Dr Dan Erthington, an agricultural development economist visited the Solomon Islands, he was shocked by the contrast of the productivity of coconut palms and the poverty of the people who grew them. He wanted to help these people to help themselves. He then developed the DME (Direct Micro Expelling) technology. Which is a gender-neutral Coconut Oil hand-press that enables anyone, even people with disabilities to extract Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at the source. It enables local communities to generate a good income by having a village based small business where they produce extra virgin coconut oil without the need to leave their family or village.

Introducing the FODMAP Friendly certified Niulife Vegan Fysh Sauce and Niulife Organic Naked Coconut Amino Sauce!

The inspiration behind Niulife’s certified products is to cater for the entire family, especially those with dietary requirements and to offer healthy alternatives in place of conventional soy and fish sauce. Niulife’s products are free from all major allergens (soy free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free), no nasties, is vegan, non GMO and FODMAP Friendly.

Niulife Vegan Fysh SauceWith the same great taste, this plant-powered seasoning sauce is a deliciously healthy alternative to fish sauce. Vegan and FODMAP Friendly with no preservatives, gluten, or MSG. Perfect as a one-for-one replacement in recipes such as crispy noodle salads, stir-fries, marinades, and laksas or any dish that calls for fish sauce. Made from barrel-aged fermented coconut blossom nectar.

Niulife Organic Naked Coconut Amino SauceA lightly salted not-soy sauce, made from fermented coconut blossom nectar and spices, barrel-aged to perfection. FODMAP Friendly certified. A deliciously light & healthy alternative to soy sauce. Ideal for stir-fries, sushi, meat & fish, salad dressings for any dish that calls for soy sauce.

You should check out Niulife because…

Niulife with its range of health food products is a 100% not-for-gloss social enterprise that’s serious about erasing poverty and empowering lives in some of the poorest remote coastal communities. Niulife is doing this by helping local villages set up their own independent and sustainable business that turns coconuts into cashflow.  Niulife also have a large portfolio of products, from coconut oil to coconut cider and balsamic vinegars, and plenty more!

Where are the FODMAP Friendly Niulife products stocked?

Via website
Niulife products are also readily available in store and online – list of stockists can be found here.

Where can I find out more about Niulife products?

Check out the Niulife website and Instagram.

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