Introducing the newly FODMAP FRIENDLY Certified Solnul™ Prebiotic Ingredient

Posted on October 13, 2020

Introducing  Solnul™ Branded Ingredient

MSP Starch Products Inc., the largest potato starch producer in Canada, announced September 22, 2020 the launch of their highly-anticipated branded ingredient Solnul™ to serve the growing demand for prebiotic formulations.

Solnul™ is derived from the Latin name for potato, Solanum tuberosum, and granule to reflect the origins of the ancestral potato starch granule. The unique size and oval shape of Solnul™ are what sets it apart from other granules and makes it so effective at keeping the microbiome well-fed. Solnul™ Prebiotic Resistant Starch has been launched to better serve MSP Starch Products Inc.’s B2B customers.

How is Solnul™ different to other products in the market?

Contrary to many prebiotic fibers, Solnul™ is effective at low doses, well-tolerated, multi-functional and the highest quality Resistant Starch Type 2 (RS2). It has been well-researched for its effects on increasing Bifidobacterium levels, maintaining a healthy GI and reducing IBS related symptoms.

What is Solnul™ ?

Solnul™ is an ancestral prebiotic ingredient that selectively feeds the native beneficial bacteria that support optimal digestion and GI health.

Backed by a body of clinical and scientific research, Solnul™ is raising the bar for prebiotic and resistant starch categories. It demonstrates improvements in GI health and microbial balance, prebiotic benefits like increases in Bifidobacterium, IBS related symptoms and regularity and healthy aging – all at low dose. It has several substantiated structure/function claims brands can utilize to capture the growing demand for digestive health products.

By partnering with Solnul™, you’ll gain access to human microbiome research, a patent portfolio, industry insights and exclusive claims for dietary supplement and functional food applications.

Prebiotic Resistant Starches

Resistant starches are carbohydrates that do not break down into sugars and they are not absorbed by the small intestine.  They usually pass through the digestive system and ferment in the large intestine.  Here, resistant starches demonstrate a prebiotic effect when they act as food for the good gut bacteria.

Resistant starches are great at assisting to create a thriving environment for good bacteria.  There are five categories to resistant starches: RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4 and RS5.

RS2 are resistant starches that are found in naturally resistant starchy foods.  Some examples of RS2 include uncooked potatoes, green banana flour and high-amylose corn flour.

Solnul™ has >60% RS2, the highest quality, and most concentrated form of RS2 with substantiation on the market.

As we know, digestive health and immune system health are so important and supporting a healthy microbiome has never been so crucial. Solnul™ enters the market well-primed for success with a substantiated prebiotic resistant starch, which significantly increases the abundance of Bifidobacterium, the beneficial bacteria known for its effects on healthy digestion, IBS related symptoms and proper immune system function.

Consuming resistant starch as a dietary supplement or functional ingredient has been well-researched for its effects on GI health and disease prevention. Research shows that we do not consume much resistant starch from dietary sources alone.  Solnul™ provides a dietary supplementation solution that is both convenient and effective and, as a free-flowing powder with seamless integration, has legs to reach consumers in many different supplement and food formats.  Solnul™ is the lowest dose of RS2 with a Solnul™ Standard Dose being 3.5 grams.

The Solnul™ Team

Over the last year, Solnul™ has been working hard behind the scenes to bring the product to life. They have brainstormed, researched, debated and deliberated and are proud of the outcome, a brand that reflects the science-focused yet humble, unmodified RS2 ingredient. The Solnul™ team looks forward to keeping you up to date with their microbiome research, industry insights and more.

Dr. Jason Bush (Chief Scientific Officer), Jason Leibert (Chief Growth Officer) and Cara Kennedy (Marketing).

“Science has shown us the importance of resistant starch. Now, Solnul™ is here to make resistant starch relevant for product developers in 2020 and beyond. We do this by offering a superior quality RS2 ingredient, which raises the bar for prebiotic and resistant starch categories. By partnering with Solnul™, you’ll gain access to a product that has over 10 years of microbiome research behind it.” – Jason Leibert

Who is Solnul™ for?

US-based supplement and food manufacturers looking to formulate with a digestive health ingredient.  Manufacturers may submit a request to

Where can people find out more about Solnul™?

You can find out more about Solnul™ on their website, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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