Sweeteners Chocolife Snew

Avaliable At: Brazilian Retailers & Online
Website Link: https://www.chocolife.com.br/adocante-snew

Snew – a sugar substitute made to be used in cooking. Snew is made with a balanced mix of low FODMAP polyol, fibre and sweeteners that do not cause abdominal discomfort. This product is an innovative sugar substitute that can be used in the same proportion as traditional sugar in recipes. This product is a unique blend of natural ingredients derived from vegetables and it is perfect for cooking, baking and sweetening culinary preparations in the same measure of sugar and without residual flavour.

1.2kg or 250 grams.


Snew Sachet – the sachet version of Snew. These sachets can be used as a substitute for sugar in juices, coffee and tea. The sachet form makes them easy to take on the go.

80 gram box, 40 sachets of 2 grams each.