Meats & Deli Lewis & Son Natural Pariser

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A delicious and nutritious, finely textured deli meat. The most delicate and mild in our range, this Natural Pariser feels like a mini holiday in your mouth, as only European foodcraft can recreate a timeless experience in just one mouthful. Naturally made with care for conscious continental tastes. This Natural Pariser is made from premium quality grass fed beef that had a good life roaming free in lush paddocks with no hormone growth promotants. The meat was carefully prepared and mixed with the finest blend of continental herbs and spices and naturally smoked with German Beech Wood. They are gluten free with endorsement from Coeliac Australia and Kosher. They have no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, fillers, phosphates or any other nasties. They are suitable for folk with fructose or lactose intolerances, paleo diets, and is the first meat product in the world to be certified FODMAP friendly.