Introducing 26 FODMAP Friendly Certified Products with DET GLUTENFRIE VERKSTED

Posted on November 10, 2020


How Det Glutenfri Verksted became synonymous with gluten-free products in Norway and Denmark

Det Glutenfrie Verksted is the result of many hours spent searching for tasty, nutritious, and gluten-free products.
Monica J Hellmann is the founder of Det Glutenfrie Verksted and when she got coeliac disease, it was not long before she started to miss gluten-free products that both tasted delicious and contained healthy ingredients.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted was established in 2014 and have introduced and launched over 30 different products that take care of this in a real and natural way.

Monica J Hellman, Det Glutenfrie Verksted Founder

Certifying products as FODMAP Friendly was inspired by all the feedback from people struggling with IBS who had found Det Glutenfrie Verksted with safe products and ingredients.  Det Glutenfrie Verksted have provided a wide range of gluten-free options – including baking mixes for breads, breakfast cereals, pastry and cakes, ready to eat options and flours. We can trust that their certified products are gluten-free and FODMAP Friendly. They are excited to announce that 2of the products have been newly certified as FODMAP Friendly!

How many people in the Nordic region have IBS?

A 2012 meta-analysis studied the global prevalence of IBS and associated the geographic region of Northern Europe (21 studies from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden) with a pooled prevalence of 12%. Northern Europe had the highest number of studies involved in the analysis out of any geographic region, but nonetheless it is still important to remember that this prevalence may not represent the demographic of the many countries studied. As we continue to discovery better ways to both diagnose and report IBS prevalence, we will be able to become more confident in our findings.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Introducing the 26 FODMAP Friendly Certified products

Det Glutenfrie Verksted have had 26 of their products certified as FODMAP Friendly. We’ve split the products introductions into categories and included a full list at the end of this post.

Breads & crackers

Det Glutenfrie Verksted have a range of FODMAP Friendly breads available – including Baguette Glutenfri på 1-2-3, a delicious baguette and Brødskiver Glutenfri på 1-2-3 Grov, your solution to bread on the go.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Baking mixes

Det Glutenfrie Verksted have a range of FODMAP Friendly mixes that are perfect substitutes in your baking ventures.

Rismel is a wholemeal rice flour, Quinoamel is a quinoa flour, Bokhvetemel is a buckwheat flour and Maismel is a corn flour, all perfect for baking.









Hirseflak are millet flakes and Bokhveteflak are buckwheat flakes, perfect for baking or to add to cereal or porridge.

Brød miks is flour mix that serves you with tasty bread, Eltefritt brød miks offers you fun with this baking mix, while Fiberbrød miks is a fibre bread mix and creates a tasty bread with sunflower seeds that stays fresh for several days.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Nistebrød miks gives you the perfect solution for freshly baked polar breads, also known as flat bread, in no more than 30 minutes!

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Make the perfect soft and moist focaccia bread with Focaccia miks.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Pizzabunn miks helps you create the ideal Italian style pizza dough.

Pai miks is the perfect mix for pastry. The mix contains two mixes so you can choose to bake one Pie for lunch or dinner and by adding some sugar to the other mix you can prepare a pie for dessert.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Søt Bakemiks is a sweet baking mix and the easiest mix for sweet buns, cinnamon rolls and sweet cakes.

Pannekake miks helps you prepare yummy pancakes in a minute and Vaffel miks fullkorn is the ideal waffle mix with no sugar added. Perfect with sweet add on’s or why not try this with pesto and cheese for lunch.

Sjokoladekake miks is the perfect mix for a tasty chocolate cake with less sugar. It is sweetened with raw cane sugar and coconut blossom sugar.

Brownie mix is the ideal mix for making the most wonderful low FODMAP and gluten free brownies.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted


Det Glutenfrie Verksted have made low FODMAP breakfast options which are easy and delicious! The Cornflakes are ready to eat, all crispy and fresh with less sugar.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Frokostblanding med 28% Bokhvete og 7% Sjokolade uten havre is a fun and healthy cereal to start the day.  This cereal has buckwheat and dark chocolate, no oats.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Müsli med Chia gives you a solid start to your day, or a perfect base for your overnight oats or porridge.

Müsli med bær is a muesli with berries mix, providing the easiest and tastiest way to start the day.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

Savoury crackers & crispbreads

Crackers Sesam and Crackers Rosmarin, crackers ready to eat or enjoy together with your favourite cheese.

Det Glutenfrie Verksted

What makes Det Glutenfrie Verksted stand out from the gluten free ranges out there?

Having certified 26 of our products as FODMAP Friendly, Det Glutenfrie Verksted is a supplier taking responsibility not only for those in need of healthier gluten free products, but also those who are struggling with IBS.

They are also always striving to create and include more products.

Where can you purchase Det Glutenfrie Verksted products?

Det Glutenfrie Verksted products are available from grocery trade and online stores in Norway and health food stores and online stores in Denmark.

Where can you find out more?

Check out the Det Glutenfrie Verksted website, their Facebook and Instagram @detglutenfrieverksted

Contact if you would like to introduce these newly certified products to your home market!

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