Introducing Vedge Snacks – The World’s First FODMAP Friendly Vegetable Bar

Posted on May 04, 2020


Fruit is easy to eat on the go. From a whole apple or banana, to fruit bars and balls, it’s always been easy to hit your 2 fruit a day requirements. But it’s certainly not as easy to eat vegetables this way.

Did you know 92% of people don’t eat their 5 serves of vegetables a day?

The team behind Vedge Snacks saw this opportunity and developed these delicious whole vegetable Vedge Bars to make it easier for people to eat more whole veg on the go and hit their 5 a day!

We spoke to founder of Vedge, Giles Whitman, on how he started this unique brand.

“The project started after I became more aware of the importance of food and nutrition in determining how healthy you are, and veg-based snacks in particular were born out of my own frustration at the lack of existing options.”

Snacks promoted as vegetable-based are rarely as healthy as they seem. They either contain very little veg in the first place or the manufacturing process removes much of the fibre, vitamins and minerals that make vegetables so healthy for us in the first place.

Vedge is unique in the way that they are made of whole vegetables and retain most of their vitamins and all their minerals, fibre and other good stuff! Not only are they packed full of real veg, Giles made sure that there was a Vedge range that suited those with FODMAP intolerances.

“I only really became aware of the low FODMAP diet when a friend was suffering from IBS and was practising it. That prompted me to research it, and it soon became obvious that by using veg instead of fruit our bars were much more likely to be FODMAP friendly, and that turned out to be the case for most of them. It’s great to be able to increase the variety of healthy snack products available to people on a low FODMAP diet.”

Introducing the 5 FODMAP Friendly Certified Vedge Bars

Vedge are the only whole veg-based, FODMAP Friendly bars in the world, and some contain more than two serves of vegetable in one bar. They’re much lower in sugar and higher in fibre than fruit-based bar options.

The vegetable base of the Vedge bars also means that they can experiment with more savoury flavours, providing real choice in the snack bar market. Here are the 5 FODMAP Friendly Certified Vedge Snack Bars:

Lime & Chilli Vedge Bar (30g)

Two portions of veg (one carrot, one green pepper)

Fancy something different? This bar is what we’re all about – exciting flavours that make veg taste amazing. Savoury, sweet, sour, and an adventurous hit of chilli. We know you’re up for it!

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Vedge Bar  (25g)

One portion of veg (mix of carrot and green pepper)

A truly tasty snack that’s big on umami flavours and pops a peppery hit. With carrot and green pepper in there too, there’s bags of nutrition to power you through the day.

Cacao & Orange Vedge Bar (25g)

One portion of veg (carrot)

That great combination of intense citrus zing and satisfying rich cacao, packed full of veg even though its disguised as a treat. Nice!

Chinese Broccoli Vedge Bar (25g)

One portion of veg (mix of carrot and broccoli)

Warm, complex tones of Oriental five spice complement sweet broccoli. All packed into a nutrient-rich and moreish bar that’s much more interesting than the norm.

Carrot & Cinnamon Vedge Bar (25g)

One portion of veg (carrot)

A classic carroty treat that delivers just the right kind of indulgence (the kind that’s good for you). Fragrant mixed spices and buckwheat make it a firm favourite.

Where Can You Buy FODMAP Friendly Certified Vedge Snacks?

Vedge Snacks are available via their Online store at to Fodmappers based in the UK. They are also available on Amazon Prime in the UK. Vedge Snacks will be launching into UK health food retailers soon.

Know a retailer that would love these whole vegetable Vedge Snack Bars? Let the team at Vedge Snacks know!

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