Mirin Is Low FODMAP!

Posted on March 23, 2017

We put it to the test, and yes, mirin is low FODMAP!

We sent it off for testing and found that at its tested serving size of 20ml, mirin is in fact low FODMAP! This is excellent news for our Japanese cuisine-loving FODMAPpers!


What is mirin?

Mirin is a sweet-tasting staple of Japanese cooking. Being a rice wine, it is similar to sake, but with a higher sugar and lower alcohol content. Mirin has a lovely sweet flavor, making it a nice contrast when used with salty sauces like tamari or soy sauce. It also contains quite a low alcohol content, ranging from 1-20%, depending on the variety you buy.

In which Japanese dishes is mirin used?

Mirin is one of the main ingredients in traditional teriyaki and yakitori sauce. It is also used to finish Japanese soups, including miso. Click here to find a delicious Low FODMAP Miso Glazed Salmon recipe created by talented dietitian Joanna Baker (APD). The 2 teaspoons of mirin Jo has used in her recipe are safe, so eat this delicious dinner with confidence!

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