Low FODMAP Tennis Snacks

Posted on February 05, 2021

The Australian Open is a great time of year; it reminds us of how great it is to watch live sport and support the elite athletes and international superstars. The atmosphere at the tennis is vibrant and exciting for both players and the crowds.

For some of us, it can even be a nudge to remind us how great exercise is for our health. Regular exercise is important for keeping the body strong, as it protects bone health, muscle health and helps with our posture. It can improve high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even support mental health.

But whether you’re playing or spending the day observing the tennis, it’s important to pack the right snacks that will keep you energised throughout the day – and of course minimise IBS symptoms! Have a look below to see our top 10 low FODMAP tennis snacks.

Top 10 low FODMAP Tennis Snacks

Some snacks for the athletes:

1. Fresh fruit! So simple, yet easy to transport and easy to eat. The high GI nature of fruit will give your body the energy boost it needs between sets or just before you start. Some low FODMAP fruit snack ideas could be any of 2 small mandarins, an orange, some strawberries or a firm unripe banana.
2. Some Liddells Lactose Free Plain Yoghurt and Nourished by Carms Original Granola for a more substantial snack. Add some kiwi or strawberries if you feel like it too! This one is not a snack for right before a game, as the yoghurt can feel heavy in your stomach when sprinting to either side of the court, rather for an hour or 2 before the game or even a recovery snack for straight after. Both the yoghurt and granola have protein to support with muscle recovery. The carbohydrates will support with restoring glycogen stores so that you’re replenishing your energy ready for the next game or training session – or just the rest of the day ahead of you.

3. Carrot & celery sticks with peanut butter are another great snack for an athlete, as they’re quick to prepare and then fairly simple to transport. They’re a tasty snack to keep you on your toes until the last set.
4. Try a Fodbods Mini Health Bar or Go Macro Bar for a super quick and convenient on-the-go snack! This can just be shoved into your bag and forgotten about until you need a snack – no preparation needed. There are a few different flavour combinations to choose from, so you can either make your way through all the flavours or find your favourite and stick to it.

5. We can’t go past some classic cheese and crackers as our last sporty snack. Why not try some Simply Wize Almond Crispbread with a bit of vegemite and some tasty cheese layered on top. This will be an energy-packed snack to keep you fuelled for your match.

Snacks for those supporting (either live or from home):

1. Our first for this list is of course, the ultimate viewing snack – popcorn! Piranha Popcorn comes in many different flavours so there’s something for everyone. Popcorn is the perfect snack for that nail-biting last set. The individual snack-sized bags mean you can take it with you to the live game or eat it from home.

2. Another delicious idea for those at home would be a platter of some deli meats and other finger food. Lewis & Son have a selection of deli meats to choose from, including a beef salami and natural kabana. Add some of your favourite low FODMAP crackers, some grapes and some Lewis & Son pickled cucumbers and you’ve got yourself a gourmet tasting board!

3. For those of you going to the tennis, some nuts are a great to carry around all day in your bag, and then snack on during the games. Try about 10 almonds, 20 macadamia nut or 30 peanuts.
4. If you’re after something a bit sweeter to snack on either at the live games or at home, some small bites like Kez’s Kitchen Gluten Free Dark Chocolate & Almond Florentine Balls and Naturally Good Munchy Muesli Cookies could be the perfect fix.  Check out the Naturally Good Range here and the Kez’s Kitchen Range here.
5. Lastly, something that can work either at home or at the live games; some rice crackers with toppings of your choice. You could add some avocado with goat’s cheese or some peanut butter. If neither of those take your fancy, why not try some beetroot and feta cheese.

Written by: Jess Cheshire (Dietitian)
Reviewed by: Kiarra Martindale (Accredited Practising Dietitian)

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