How do products earn the FODMAP Friendly logo?

  1. 1Food manufacturers must earn the right to use the FODMAP Friendly logo. Every single product must meet strict standards, and food products are independently analysed in laboratories, to ensure they meet the criteria prior to obtaining licensing approval of the FODMAP Friendly logo. The FODMAP Friendly Logo is only used on Approved Products.
  2. 2Food manufacturers are encouraged to develop new and reformulate existing food products in order to meet the consumer demands for FODMAP Friendly foods.
  3. 3Should a product fail to meet the laboratory testing standards, it will not be eligible to receive the FODMAP friendly logo.
  4. 4The logo Licensor will only grant a License to an applicant who makes an application in accordance with its Rules if:
    1. i. the Applicant meets the Approved User Requirements;
    2. ii. the Applicant’s proposed product, following testing, meets the FODMAP Friendly Guidelines;
    3. iii. the Applicant demonstrates that it will comply with the requirements of the Rules and the FODMAP Friendly Guidelines; and
    4. iv. The Licensor is satisfied that the Applicant’s proposed:
      • Use of the Trade Mark in connection with the Proposed Product; and
      • Supply or promotion of the Proposed Product
    5. will not mislead or deceive the public, or breach any provision of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Consumers can be confident about the use of the logo on products. Not only is each product tested to initially determine if it qualifies, every product with the FODMAP Friendly logo can also be randomly audited at any time. These audits are essential to ensure approved products continue to meet the criteria to retain the logo.

As a consequence of these audits, the logo Licensor may, from time to time, review:

  1. i. an Approved Product and any related materials;
  2. ii. the manner in which the Trade Mark is being used by the Licensee, including associated promotions and advertising;
  3. iii. the manufacturing facilities in which the Approved Product is manufactured; and
  4. iv. any other matter or thing connected with compliance with these Rules, to ensure that the Licensee complies and continues to comply with the Rules.

Do food companies pay for the FODMAP Friendly logo?

Food manufacturers pay an annual licence fee for ongoing use of the FODMAP Friendly logo.