FODMAP Friendly Application

What is 7 + 2 ?

After reviewing the preliminary application to ascertain the likelihood of food product(s) being low in FODMAPs, a formal application process may follow. A formal Application must include:

  1. i.Written material providing information about the Applicant and evidence that the Applicant meets the Licensee requirements and Approved User Requirements in accordance with the Rules for the use of the FODMAP FRIENDLY Certification Trade Mark;
  2. ii.A signed Application and License agreement;
  3. iii.Samples of the Proposed Product in the form and quantities required by Fodmap from time to time; and
  4. iv.Approved Laboratory analysis showing that the food product meets the FODMAP Friendly criteria.

Once testing demonstrates that the Proposed Product(s) comply with the Rules for use of the FODMAP Friendly Certification Trade Mark, Fodmap Pty Ltd will approve these product(s) and execute the License Agreement. The Licensee will then be required to provide samples of their new product packaging and promotional material, showing the intended use of the FODMAP Friendly logo, to Fodmap Pty Ltd for approval.

The Trade Mark is the absolute property of Fodmap Pty Ltd and must not be used by any person other than with the written authority of Fodmap Pty Ltd.

Applicants and Licensees acknowledge that Fodmap Pty Ltd owns all rights in the Trade Mark.