Supplements Fibryxa™

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Fibryxa™ is a water-soluble dietary fibre produced from starch by enzymatic reactions.
The main component is ‘isomaltodextin’, a multi-branched alpha glucan with various bioactive functions as fibre.

Fibryxa™ can be added to various foods such as bakery, beverage and also supplements.
Because Fibryxa™ has little flavour, is odourless, it is suitable for filling the fibre deficiency of modern life without extra efforts.

Please note that the labelling regulations varies in countries / areas. In Australia, “Isomaltodextrin (dietary fibre)” or “Dietary fibre (isomaltodextrin)” is recommended to be described in the ingredient list if you would like to include “dietary fibre” in the list. On the other hand, Fibryxa™ may not be allowed to be a nutrition content claim as “dietary fibre” depends on amounts per servings. You are recommended to confirm the latest related regulations in the countries / areas that you would like to market the product when you plan to use Fibryxa™ in your product.