Dairy Jalna Lactose Free Greek Yoghurt

Avaliable At: Coles, Woolworths & Independent Stockists
Website Link: https://jalna.com.au/our-products/yoghurt/lactose-free-yoghurt/lactose-free-greek-yoghurt/

Made to a traditional recipe, Jalna’s pot set Greek Natural Yoghurt is purely delicious. Fresh milk is fermented with live cultures to produce a full-bodied, smooth yoghurt with the perfect amount of tang. Because of its thick and creamy nature, it is delicious straight off the spoon, or served with fruit, cereal or dessert. It’s also a versatile ingredient in a wide range of recipes as it is less likely to separate when heated, and is considerably lower in fat than cream alternatives. Plus, it is pot set with all-natural ingredients and live probiotics.