Breads Alpine Breads Sour Rye

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A beautiful sour rye bread, suitable for every day use and any occasion!

Alpine Breads has four generations of baking history dating back to the 1930’s. These were the days when Grandad (Richard Bertalli (Dick)) had to split the wood to fire the scotch ovens to be able to bake his breads. These were also the days when there were no commercial yeasts available and Dick would have to make his sour dough cultures to be able to leaven his breads.
Even today Alpine Breads still use these practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. This is a 36-hour fermentation process that gives ALPINE BREADS its unique flavour.
Rye flour is an ancient grain that dates back to 1500 BC and is used widely in France, Germany, Italy and Southern Europe. In more recent years it has spread all over the world due to its appealing flavour and easily digestible grain. Enjoy this as a sandwich or toasted with your favourite toppings.