Low FODMAP Truffle Devilled Eggs Recipe | FODMAP Friendly Recipe Of The Week

Posted on November 13, 2019


The holiday season is fast approaching! This Low FODMAP Truffle Devilled Egg recipe is the perfect, intolerance friendly dish to bring to your next holiday lunch. Add extra flavour, without the FODMAPs, using FODMAP Friendly Certified Lowy Low FODMAP Mayo Truffle Flavor. You can swap this mayonnaise out for one of their other 3 flavours for a pesto, garlic or plain devilled egg recipe too.



Serves: 6 





1. Boil 6 large eggs for 10-12 minutes in water. Let eggs cool under running water, and de-shell.

2. Cut hard-boiled eggs in half and scoop out egg yolks into a mixing bowl. Please egg whites onto a serving dish.

3. Mix egg yolk with Lowy Low FODMAP Mayo Truffle Flavor, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and salt.

4. Using a spoon (or piping bag), fill each empty egg white with egg yolk mixture.

5. Garnish with black pepper, paprika and coriander.


Lowy Low FODMAP Mayo Truffle Flavor




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