Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified Coles Range!

Posted on September 20, 2023

Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified Coles Range!

Coles I’m Free From brand is all about giving allergen sufferers the ability to choose delicious foods without compromise. The Traditional Gluten Free Loaf from this range and some of Coles Own Brand products are now certified FODMAP Friendly!
Acquiring certification helps people to select suitable foods, without requiring an in-depth understanding of the interactions between different ingredients and determining the overall FODMAP levels.

The inspiration behind Coles Own Brand

Coles collaborate with their strategic suppliers to develop various ranges of Coles Own Brand products to cater for a wide range of consumers needs.

Some of these products have been tested and approved by FODMAP Friendly to have appropriate levels of all the different types of FODMAPs – levels that have been scientifically proven to help manage IBS symptoms.

What makes Coles different?

Offering premium products at everyday value without compromise, with select products suitable for FODMAP sensitive consumers.
Coles delivers delicious food experiences to be enjoyed both every day and as a special treat, with a selection being FODMAP Friendly certified.

Check out the FODMAP Friendly certified products from Coles!

Coles Finest Angus Beef Brisket Burger

Coles Finest

Coles Finest delivers premium, quality products from the world’s best locations available and accessible to Coles’ customers every day to ensure that customers looking for FODMAP Friendly also get to enjoy the Coles Finest experience. They have now gained certification on their Coles Finest Australian Angus beef brisket burger.

Coles I’m Free From Traditional Gluten Free Loaf

Coles I’m Free From

When what you eat can make you unwell or, have serious health consequences, choosing the right food is extremely important. The Coles I’m Free From range is all about giving those with common food allergies or intolerances the ability to choose delicious foods without compromise. The Traditional White Loaf from the Coles I’m Free From Range is now FODMAP Friendly!

Coles Lactose Free Full Cream Milk

Coles Lactose Free Light Milk

Where can I purchase Coles products?

In store and online at Coles supermarkets!

Where can I find out more information on Coles?

You can find Coles via their website to learn more about their brands.


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