Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified
IrieVeda Spice Blends

Posted on May 10, 2023

Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified
IrieVeda Spice Blends!

IrieVeda Spice Blends launched in April 2022 to solve a need that the owner, Tashelle personally experienced.

As her culturally diverse background has always valued flavor, it was important that even with special dietary needs, Tashelle and her family could experience the robust taste of spices. Their goal was to eliminate the “unknowns” and “unwanted” items in pantry staple spice blends. In the process Tashelle learned the benefits spices add to our diet, which IrieVeda believe are currently lost in today’s spice industry.
The concept of “Yoga in the Kitchen” was born as Tashelle learned from her South Asian background the ancient Ayurvedic spice benefits. “Yoga in the Kitchen” aligns with IrieVeda’s meaning of Irie(positive) Veda(knowledge), which brings awareness into every facet of our lives.

The inspiration behind IrieVeda?

IrieVeda’s mindful spice blends are focused on providing worldly sattvic (pure/clean) flavors, as used in Ayurveda. Their spice blends are free from salt, sugars, garlic, onions, hot peppers, fillers or any unknown ingredients. They also focus on educating our customers on what it means to practice “Yoga in the Kitchen” and helping customers to slow down and have fun as they experience food with their 5 senses.

IrieVeda’s blends are also created to cater to each individuals Ayurvedic dosha preference. They create trio collections that contain Kapha, Pitta and Vata blends. This helps their customers be mindful of what they are feeling and use the spice blends to fulfill and balance their mind, body and soul. IrieVeda’s Ayurvedic Dosha quiz is a fun way to bring mindfulness to your meals, as you discover your taste preferences and receive recipe ideas that fit your dietary needs.

Ultimately, IrieVeda want their consumers to experience worldly, worry-free flavor and food in a wholesome way.

What makes IrieVeda different?

IrieVeda is on a mission to bring awareness and mindfulness to how we consume even the smallest of ingredients and the big impact they can have on our lives. Often when shopping we don’t take notice of each ingredient in our food, and how those ingredients can potentially cause us to not feel so good. Spice blends tend to be filled with salt, sugar, pepper, garlic and onions and “unknown” ingredients that can lead to so many dietary concerns

Check out the FODMAP Friendly certified products from

IrieVeda offers mindful spice blends that are top 23 allergen free, gluten free, salt free, sugar free, certified FODMAP Friendly.

West Indies Curry

A robust blend of mild spices that will bring warmth to any meal.
The dry roasted spices create a sweet yet savoury flavour boost that is rich and fulfilling.

New World Chili

Sure to warm your soul as it’s a warm and naturally sweet spice blend.
With the discovery of cocoa in the new world and La Vera paprika, rich, sweet and savory takes on a whole new meaning.

Old World Roast

A simple versatile herbal blend that will sooth all of your worries away.
This unique blend is reminiscent of the French herbes de provence, but with a bit of cooling zest.

Cozy Cacao Chai

Cacao Chai is the comforting taste of the season whether it’s being indulged as a
warming cup of healthy spiced hot chocolate or as a chocolate spiced cookie.

Happy Harvest

The delectable taste of the season. It easily transforms a crisp cold day, as you smell the warmth,
taste the freshness, and experience the happiness of the season.

Jolly Gingerbread

Instantly transport you to the best time of the year.
It is the ultimate heart warming baking spice that will upgrade and simplify your holiday traditions.

Where can I purchase IrieVeda Spice Blends?

IrieVeda Spice Blends are available online from their website.

Where can I find out more information on IrieVeda?

For more information, visit and follow them on Instagram to stay up to date!


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