Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified
Madame Tiger: Tiger Nut Milk

Posted on November 29, 2023

Introducing the newly FODMAP Friendly certified Madame Tiger!

Laura Hindson developed Madame Tiger after she was pretty fed up with seeing canola oil and sunflower oil in so many products, particularly plant based milk, so her thinking was to have a simple and nutritious list of ingredients to make a healthy and delicious tiger nut milk. Keeping the tiger nut milk allergen free was important and she also wanted to make sure that if people had to be drinking their products for any sort of allergy or dietary restrictive reasons, that they weren’t missing out on vitamins, minerals, protein and good fats found in alternatives that they can’t stomach.

What is the inspiration behind Madame Tiger?

Laura first heard about tiger nuts from her father in law who was born and raised in Mali in West Africa. It started out by them watching a documentary entitled “Tiger Nut, the Homeland of the Wholehearted Women”, which was featured at the African Film Festival in Auckland, New Zealand.
Laura got in touch with the filmmaker and started talking all things tiger nuts and fair trade. It turned out his wife was involved in a charity supporting the female farming collective, Mousso Faso, and together they shared a fierce passion and determination to see these women and their families succeed.

What makes Madame Tiger different?

Laura is a home cook so she approached the recipes for their tiger nut milk a little differently to what a qualified product developer might have . One of the biggest things that sets Madame Tiger apart from most other plant based milks is that they choose not to use seed oils, instead they use olive oil. Laura had Australian extra virgin olive oil at home when she was developing the tiger nut milk because that is what she cooks with, so that is what went in the milk!

The other thing that sets Madame Tiger apart is their environmental footprint. Tiger nuts only need rainwater to grow and they’ve measured the climate footprint of their tiger nut milk and it is one of the lowest (if not the lowest) they’ve come across. Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut Milk has a climate footprint of 0.32kg of CO2e per litre and the Original Tiger Nut Milk is 0.43kg of CO2e per litre, if this is just climate jargon to you be confident knowing it’s low!

Check out the FODMAP Friendly certified Madame Tiger!

Where can I purchase Madame Tiger?

You can purchase Madame Tiger’s tiger nut milks online on their website.
Additionally, Madame Tiger’s tiger nut milks are popping up at cafes, health food stores and independent grocers in Victoria, NSW, SA and QLD in Australia.
They are hoping to get to Tassie and WA soon. If you would like to see Madame Tiger products stocked at your local café or grocer the best thing you can do to help them grow is ask the cafe to range the tiger nut milk.

Where can I find out more information on Madame Tiger?

Follow Madame Tiger on Instagram or on Tik Tok to find out more about what they’re up to.
They also have a lot more information on their website.


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