Genepro From MuscleGen Inc. Is FODMAP Friendly Certified!

Posted on March 12, 2018

Supplement Your Daily Protein Intake With Confidence, Genepro From MuscleGen Research Inc. Is FODMAP Friendly Certified!

Genepro is the answer to all your protein prayers; it is the world’s first low calorie protein designed for weight management.

Why use Genepro?

The combination of the Tri-Protein, and unique processing methods including the addition of protease enzymes, allows for the equivalent of a 30 gram serving of protein per 1 tablespoon serve size. Genepro is patented, government clinically trialled* and low calorie protein (see below Nutrition Information Panel).

With a 98% absorption rate, there is no gastric distress, making this protein supplement ideal for anyone with gastrointestinal distress. Genepro is flavorless for ease of mix-ability into the food and beverages you are already enjoying, with little to no impact on the flavor or consistency.

But that’s not all! Genepro is non GMO, gluten free, and USDA Organic, and now we’re proud to also call it FODMAP Friendly certified in the USA!

Who should use Genepro?

Genepro Medical Grade protein is appropriate for bariatric, post-surgical and IBS patients, and others experiencing IBS-type symptoms looking to add pure protein to their diet. As this product is FODMAP Friendly certified, it is safe throughout all phases of the low FODMAP diet.

New to FODMAPs? Click here to learn more.

*Clinical Trial Information

US Clinical Trial – NCT02919657

US Patent – 62/495,688

Learn more about the people behind Musclegen Inc..

How did your company begin?

It was a dark stormy night… ok it wasn’t dark, stormy or even night, but our founder, Dr. Brian Parks, was having a rough day. As a defense contractor for our lovely USA, he was given the chance to pursue a doctorate (as if having a family, full time job and a handful of rescue pups wasn’t enough to tie up his time). Being the mad scientist that he is *creepy ominous chuckle*, he went the route of genetic forensics. Having just learned that his initial dissertation proposal was rejected (we later released it as YK-11 on this site), he did what any self-respecting gym rat would do in a time of trepidation… he went to find comfort in the cabinets of the kitchen. He opened the cabinet doors and looked up; staring back at him the labels of a dozen or so whey proteins. Each label touting a claim; some that they will provide the same taste stimulus as indulging in a cinnamon roll, others that they are the perfect blend of aminos and so on. You see, the Doctor’s wife could not stand to have the same flavor and who could blame her for not wanting to choke down a clumpy artificially sweetened protein shake? In that moment, he stood there gazing up, he was confronted with the solution to his wife’s, and let’s be honest most anyone who has had a protein shake, dilemma.

And so, he set out to map a solution that would result in an odorless and tasteless protein. What he got, was even better; what he got has shaken the foundations of the nutrition world. Genepro, our flagship product, was derived as an odorless, tasteless, highly soluble protein that absorbs 300% better than whey isolates. Genepro is the only protein on the market with little to no gastric impact; making it safe for fitness fanatics, gym rats, geriatric patients, those with compromised immune systems and humans in general. Literally, starting with big blue barrels of grass-fed Wisconsin whey, Genepro, being delivered to his home garage in sunny NC for distribution back in March 2014; to now offering over 100 products that stay true to our quest for quality, innovation and improved nutritional value. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to trust in the greater plan of the events unfolding in your life.

We are putting the passion back into the supplement industry and making your fitness our business.

What is the inspiration behind your range?

To answer honestly I believe that has evolved over the years.  It wasn’t until we were about a year into production when we realized the impact we are having on the bariatric, Crohns, and IBS communities.   With the supplement industry full of false hope we are just happy to provide some light at the end of the tunnel to those who really need it.
Why did you create your particular certified products?

Genepro is a product that is designed to fit into any lifestyle.  With the small serving size, big impact, and flavorless profile it is a breeze to add Genepro into foods and beverages you are already consuming.  We wanted something that would appeal to the fitness community but also the mom or dad on the go, or those living with digestive issues.

What are your own personal experiences with digestive health?

I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with an iron stomach.  However, we have a very outspoken community behind Genepro that loves to share their success stories from all walks of life.  Including those living with Chrohns, IBS, and whey intolerance.

Why did you want to certify your products?

We always knew Genepro was FODMAP friendly and wanted to make sure that current and future consumers could easily recognize that fact.

What separates your products from others available on the market?

Genepro is the worlds first low calorie protein with a 30 gram equivalent serving equalling only 58.7 calories versus the traditional 120 calories yielded from a 30 gram serving of protein.  In addition we hold a patent and have a government clinical trial published validating our claims.

Are there more products to be added to your range in future? 

Absolutely!  We are currently working on the release of our “Mindful Eating” line which will feature a FODMAP friendly high protein baking ingredient.

Where can people find out more about Musclegen Research?

Our website ( features an array of products and information on the history of our company, our Team, and our entire line.  In addition we frequently post videos and articles to our Facebook (Musclegen Research) page covering a variety of topics relevant to living a healthy lifestyle.


Look for the green FODMAP Friendly logo on Genepro..

Eat with Confidence!



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