Live Free Foods Release The First FODMAP Friendly Certified Ranch Dressing!

Posted on February 07, 2018

The First FODMAP Friendly Certified Ranch Dressing Has Arrived!

Creamy Ranch dressing the way it was made to be!

You’ll forget you’re following a low FODMAP diet when you add this American classic to your favorite salad or use it as a condiment.

Live Free Foods’ Ranch Dressing has been FODMAP Friendly certified, so it is safe to eat during all phases of the low FODMAP diet.

Available online at:, and soon via

We recently got together with the lovely Live Free Foods folk to learn all about their passion for helping those with IBS, to eat with confidence again.

Read on to learn more in this exclusive Q&A!

How did your company begin?

Live Free Foods happened from a chance meeting with a dietitian. She was very frustrated that her patients were struggling to be compliant on low FODMAP, but hopeful when she saw a fellow FODMAP Friendly brand Trueself.

What is the inspiration behind your range?

I talk to people every day who have IBS and want to be free from the discomfort and uncertainty. Even more, when they take their health into their own hands by following the low FODMAP diet, they deserve to have the same tastes as everyone else.

Why did you create your particular certified products?

I spent a lot of time talking to people on the diet, one word I heard a lot? Bland. I thought about my favourite versatile condiment ranch. Let’s be honest, you can put ranch on anything. So, if we could make a low FODMAP ranch, the possibilities to zest up your meals are endless.

What are your own personal experiences with digestive health?

I’ve worked in the gastroenterology field for a few years, focusing on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It’s a life altering condition that is unfortunately under appreciated in the medical field. I wanted to find a way to help those who chose to take their health into their own hands by trusting in the science behind low FODMAP.

Why did you want to certify your product(s)?

No one wants to be afraid when they go to the grocery store. When people see the FODMAP Friendly logo, they know that our products have been verified safe.

What separates your product(s) from others available on the market?

We promise to never sacrifice taste in the pursuit of the bottom line. We’ve worked extra hard to ensure our products have the taste they expect, but by making it safe. When you try our products, you’ll forget you’re on a diet.

Are there more products to be added to your range in future?

We want to create a whole line of low FODMAP salad dressings to start. But our ultimate goal is to stock everyone’s pantry with FODMAP Friendly options. The sky is the limit!

Where can people find out more about Live Free Foods?
Our website is or you can also join our mailing list at

Look for the green logo on Live Free Ranch…

Condiment with confidence!


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